Torsional Impact Generator:
Torsional Impact Generator mitigates damage associated with stick-slip and multiple vibrations ,also maintains the total drilling string stability. High frequency and steady mechanical impact energy which converted by hydraulic energy of mud will be direct transmitted to the PDC bit. To operate the Torsional Impact Generator that maximizes the whole drilling system safe , steady and improve drilling efficiency.
• To higher the ROP by providing additional hybrid impact energy to bit.
• To Eliminate stick-slip during drilling.
• To significant reduce bit bouncing and bit jumping, which are benefit to prevent fatigue failure of drilling string.
• To Increases PDC bit life and improves footage of single trip. 
• To reduce the drilling cost and drilling period by fewer trips, also benefit to protect reservoir.
• Pure mechanical structure, non-electronic parts, and moving parts without rubber articles. All of these characteristics make the tool safely and reliably.
• The pulses generated by the tool doesn’t influence the function of logging instruments and MWD.
• To improve tool face control and transfer WOB in directional applications.