Asymmetri Blade:
Asymmetri Blade feature are designed to increase stability and reduces vibration, better balances workload can extend long life working
Double-Row feature are oriented to ensure that hydraulic cleaning and cooling efficiency are maintained. It is important not only in abrasive interbedded sands, but also in surface intervals with high ROP.
Vertical Blade:
Vertical blade feature is designed to maintain the aggressive design, increases the ROP especially in the hard formation and vibration reduced.
Spiral Blade:
Spiral Blade feature is designed to maintain the stable RIH, long life working with high ROP, interlayer formation and high quality well hole required are both suited by spiral blade feature.
The gauge places TSP or TCI for maximize the retention and extend the bit lifetime.
Rotating gouging:
The rotating gouging Combine rotating breaking rock and cutting rock to improve the performance in interbeded formation.
Cone-shaped PDC cutter:
The Cone-shaped PDC cutters are utilized as cutting structure, which can incredibly break through the hard formations with high ROP and remain the long-term bit life.
Triangle-shaped PDC cutter:
The triangle-shaped PDC cutters perform more capable to penetrate into gypsum and hard mudstone formation.
The Ridge-shaped PDC cutter:
The Ridge-shaped PDC cutters are utilized as cutting structure, which can greatly enhance the rock breaking efficiency and avoid to be damaged while running in gravel contained formations.
Tri-ridge shaped cutter:
The Tri-ridge shaped cutter have more reasonable structure, and with the enhanced impact resistance, wear resistance and fatigue resistance. These features are benefit to make the bit better adapted to the formations and increase drilling efficiency.